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Kate Hordern founded the agency in 1999, after fourteen years selling rights at publisher Victor Gollancz where, as Foreign Rights Director, she worked on fiction and non-fiction across the list whose authors included Terry Pratchett and Nick Hornby.

What Kate is looking for: On the fiction side, I’m interested in strong story-telling married to wonderful writing. I like fiction that takes you to another world, whether that’s a different culture (particularly written about from the inside) or a different time across the range – thrillers, top-of-the-genre crime, historical, literary, women’s fiction. I have a small children’s list, 9+. In non-fiction my main focus is history. I don't take on that many new clients, but I can always be tempted by something special.

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Anne Williams worked for over fifteen years as a commissioning editor, first at Michael Joseph, then for thirteen years at Headline during which time she was Co-Publisher of the Review imprint and Publisher of the main Headline imprint. Anne commissioned and edited a number of Headline’s major commercial fiction authors, including the Sunday Times No. 1 bestsellers Sheila O’Flanagan and Lyn Andrews, top 10 bestseller Faye Kellerman and prize-winning crime writers Barbara Nadel, Manda Scott and Caroline Graham (on whose books the tv series Midsomer Murders was based). She joined the Kate Hordern Literary Agency in 2009 and is based in Central London.

What Anne is looking for: I am keen to find well-written, engrossing fiction for which I feel I can find a market.  I want a plot that will keep me engaged, characters I care about and a world that is intriguing or attractive enough for me to want to spend time in. Specifically, I am interested in women's fiction, be it contemporary or set further into the past. I am also passionate about history and historical fiction and am a fan of crime and thrillers, an area of the KHLA list I am keen to build. Though my background is largely in fiction publishing, I am also on the look out for 'new nature writing', a personal enthusiasm. 

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