Alastair Sawday

Agent: Kate Hordern
Little, Brown published TRAVELLING LIGHT: Journeys Among Special People and Places in hardback on Thursday 6 July 2017, and in paperback on 1 February 2018. Campaigner, publisher and wanderer Alastair Sawday has spent his life travelling. En route he has unearthed a multitude of stories - stories of people ploughing their own furrows, of travellers' tales, stories from the 'front line' of his publishing, ruminations and reflections about places, people and ideas. In this deeply charming, erudite and spirited book, he shares his experiences and explores the value of travel.



“After a lifetime exploring and enjoying the world, Alastair Sawday is a man who wears his wisdom as lightly as he travels, bringing people and places delightfully to life, with timely political and philosophical insights” Jonathon Porritt

“Thoughtful and informative, this book is also funny and entertaining as it rises to a crescendo of enthusiasm and hope towards the end. I couldn't put it down” Country Life

“This sun-drenched memoir brings together half a century of travellers' tales, from Wales to Greece via France, Italy and Sawday's home town of Bristol. It evokes and promotes a slower sort of journey than the Easyjet generation typically "enjoys", featuring meandering tours by cycle and foot, and lazy meals eaten at farmhouse kitchen tables . . . His affection, excitement and anxiety for our planet are delivered in a fresh, unpretentious style that will make you want to crank up the old 2CV and barrel off across the Channel” The Times

“It is hard to resist Sawday's charm . . . it's frankly blissful to follow in his wake” Guardian

“A winning plea for slow, responsible and off-the-beaten-track journeys” Wanderlust

Alastair Sawday lives in Bristol with his wife and family.

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