Sandy Taylor

Agent: Kate Hordern

Sandy Taylor grew up in 1950s and 1960s Brighton, and now lives in Somerset. THE GIRLS FROM SEE SAW LANE was published by Bookouture in December 2015, COUNTING CHIMNEYS in June 2016 and WHEN WE DANCED AT THE END OF THE PIER was published on 31st March 2017.

Brighton 1930: Maureen O’Connell is a carefree girl, but her family is on the brink of tragedy, war is looming and life will never be the same again. WHEN WE DANCED AT THE END OF THE PIER is an utterly gripping and heart-wrenching story about the enduring power of love, hope and friendship during the darkest of days.

Brighton 1969: Dottie Perks steps off the train in COUNTING CHIMNEYS and breathes in the sea air, the smell of fish and chips, and the precious childhood memories of a friend and place she’ll never forget. Dottie Perks has forged a new life for herself in London, a new job and sweet boyfriend Joe to keep her warm at night. She’s safe, happy and loved. What more could she ask for? But when Dottie returns home to Brighton for a family celebration, the last person she expects to see is her first love; the boy who stole her heart… and broke it. Ralph Bennett.

Set in early 1960s Brighton, seventeen-year-olds Dottie and Mary have been best-friends since they were eight, growing up just around the corner from each other. Now, as they go out into the world in pursuit of life, love and happiness, the certainties and simplicities of their childhoods dissolve. THE GIRLS FROM SEE SAW LANE perfectly captures the pangs and heady excitement of first love, the pleasure of friendship, the pain of unintentional betrayal, and the ups and downs of family life. Charming, funny, sad, but ultimately uplifting, THE GIRLS FROM SEE SAW LANE is an exquisite gem of a novel set in a now-vanished England which will delight female readers of all ages.


  • “COUNTING CHIMNEYS is an emotionally charged novel that had me
    so enthralled that I lost all track of time. It is full of hope, love and heartbreak with some amazing friendships that will warm the cockles of your heart.” The Letter Book Reviews
  • “It's the perfect book to lose yourself in on a long, hot summer day. A gentle read, moving at times, and one that leaves you with a warm glow when you turn the final page.” Cal Turner Reviews
  • “It's heart-wrenching storyline will totally absorbed. Will totally capture your heart. Eagerly awaiting the next installment.” Good Reads Reviewer


  • “I loved this novel so much, even though it’s probably the most heart-breaking story I’ve read all will totally absorb you and capture your heart.” That Thing She Reads
  • “A beautifully written tale of friendship, family, loyalty and betrayal. It is in turn both heart-warming and tragic.” The Welsh Librarian
  • “What a delightful book … A wonderful trip back to the 60s. I would give it more than 5 stars if there were more to give.” Library Thing
  • “Heartwarming, but also extremely heartbreaking … I don’t think it really matters who you are, almost anyone would find something they enjoy about THE GIRLS FROM SEESAW LANE.” The Reading Head
  • “The emotions were so intense ... it was just incredible to read.” My Bookish Ramblings


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